Game Strategies

-If you want to be a powerful player in the game.  You MUST focus on real estate earlier on in the game and level up as slowly as possible.  Do not buy fancy equipment that has Upkeep, this will slow your progress.  Do not be discouraged by lossed in these early stages as you will surpass these later on by a longshot.
- It is beneficial to maintain a 3:1 income ratio.  This means for you to have $3 of income for every $1 of upkeep you have.  This will allow you to build yourself up much stronger and faster.  The higher the ration, the better off you will be in the long run.
- If you are not an agressive player and dont attack much, you do not need hich attack equipment.  Buy the best possible equipment for defense. This will allow you to buy more real estate quickly while still being fairly strong if attacked.
-If you are going to be away from the game for an extended period of time, and dont want to lose money, you will need to lower your health below 27.  Others will not be able to attack you.  Havea friend that you can win against attack you to keep youe health lower than 27 and you will not lose any money.
- If you know somone is quitting, get a link to them and then farm their money once they have left.  This will garuntee wins, money gain, experiance gain, and it will boost your profile.