Goals: To stop loss of game inerest, I have developed some goals for you to shoot for. See how many you can accomplish! 
Goal 1: Real Estate Lover: Own at least 100 of each real estate property  that you can currently purchase. After this set a goal of 150.
Goal 2: Mega Mob:  Have a mob of 500. Regardless of your level, you can never have too many mobbies on your side.  Once you hit this goal of 500, try 1,000!
Goal 3: Income:  Purchase enough real estate to clear $50,000,000 per day in the game(50minutes, 40minutes if your a Tycoon).  Once you have reached $50,000,000, try to achieve $100,000,000! 
Kills and Deaths: The only way to obtain a kill or a death is the Hit List.  If you are put on the Hit List by somone, and are attacked you have a chance of being killed.  If you attack somone on the Hit List, you have a chance of earning yourself a kill.  These will be shown in your stats on your 'Profile' page.  *Remember: You may attack higher levels and still get the kill and the bounty.  Usually when  somone is on the Hit List they have low health so you only have to do so much.  This can be an exellent way to make some cold hard cash.

Helpful tips
- Whenever you have real estate and leave the game for a while, you will usually have a large sum of money waiting for you.  Buy as much real estate as you can at this point.  Spend remaining money on equipment here and there. This will make your income grow fast and your defense/attack strengthen. 
- You may only invite 300 Mobsters a day.  There is no limit to invitations that you can receive, however. 
- You may only Hit List and particular mobster 25 times a day.  You may Hit List multiple people.
- You should add your mob code at the end of any comment so you can get it out there and grow your mob stronger.
- To make the Apple Logo, all you have to do is put &#xf8ff
- If you reset your account and regret it later, you may E-Mail to get it back.  You may only do this once.
- Keep the Storm8 free offer apps.  If you reset your account, you may use this later.
-  To get the Emoji Keyboard, Download the free app called Spell Number.  Once it's downloaded type in the number 91929394.95 then exit and goto your keyboard settings found under Settings/Keyboards/International/Japanese then turnEmoji on and your done!
- If you see somone that say's 'Quitting' or 'Resetting Account' you may attack them as muchas you want to get some nice cash.
- Favor Points for Money:  You will receive 4x the amount of your cash flow for 10 Favor Points.  Also, if you are spending FP to buy property, only use the 10 FP option  until you get enough for the property you want. Then if you want more property just get the 10pt option as now you have a larger cash flow and will gain more money from the 10pt option rather than getting the 100pt option all at once.
- Do Not Rush To Level Up!  Spend time on each level so you wont get behind on equipment and money.
-  If you decide to reset, you will begin the game with a new mob code,  a new name, and $3,000.  You will lose all mob membersm equipment, money, and Favor Points.
- Master Rank 1 of the Bronx and Receive 3 extra skill points.   Master Rank 2 and receive 'Army Surplus guns' which gives you a 8% damage boost when facing opponents in battle.
- Master Rank 1 of the Queens missions to receive 6 skill points.  Master Rank 2 and receive 'Black Market Chop Shop' which adds 5% to 'Chance of Loot'.
Master Rank 1 of the Staten Island missions to receive 6 Skill points.  Master Rank 2 and receive 'International Smuggler' which gives you a 5% discount on all item purchases.
- Master Rank 1 of the Brooklyn missions to receive 6 skill points.  Master Rank 2 and receive 'Confiscated Medical Supplies' which gives you a 50% discount on healing.
- Master Rank 1 of the Manhattan mission to receive 6 skill points.  Master Rank 2 and receive 'Black Market Stimulants' which gives you a 30 second reduction on your Energy Timer.
- Master Rank 1 of the Columbia missions to receive 6 skill points.  Master Rank 2 and receive 'Black Market Steroids' which gives you a 20 second reduction on the Stamina timer.
- Equipment: Bombs.  When you use bombs in battle there is a chance of losing some of them.  The amount varies.  Also, a bomb is not used in addition to your other weapons.  It is a weapon in itself.  The same applies for Entourage in the Protection category.
- You do NOT gain experiance from winning attacks while you are on the Hit List. 
- If you are being spammed, simply block the player.
- The FBI mobile command center and the Godfather Pinky Ring are used in addition to your other equipment.